Easy integration, powerful results

Artificial intelligence gives power to the people

You know your business. We know how to harness data to boost your business. Our tools combined with your retail experience provide you with amplified intelligence. Leveraging the power of aifora’s platform enables you to optimize pricing and inventory decisions for an unlimited number of SKUs, countries, channels and stores, at the level of speed and accuracy demanded in today’s dynamic market. Over time and with increased data, aifora’s machine learning algorithms become even more intelligent, thus delivering even better results.

aifora Business Rules on Notebook

Ready, Set, Go!

Endless IT implementation projects? Substantial budget overruns? Not with aifora. Our cloud-based SaaS solutions for pricing and stock automation can be implemented quickly, easily and with minimal IT effort. We’re talking about implementation times of a matter of weeks, not months or years.

During the set-up and integration process our customer success managers help you configure the system to meet your strategies, business rules and workflows. Of course, we understand that in today’s fast-paced retail environment these strategies and business rules may need to be adapted. With just the click of a button, you can change the configuration settings at any time.

Embrace the potential of your data

Your data can be integrated in any form and from any backend system. Our machine learning algorithms use your input combined with our additional data sources, for instance, weather, events and competitors, to accurately forecast consumer demand in real-time.


Your data security is our priority

aifora’s cloud-based platform is fueled by data. We know and understand that connected retailers need to ensure that their data is absolutely safe. Thus, we enforce utmost security in our solution through the encryption of data, a logical separation of tenants (single tenant approach) and a separation of critical systems on the network layer.

Moreover, aifora imposes strong security and privacy standards for its web application and user accounts pursuant to GDPR regulations. Only authorized aifora personnel have access to your data. So, you can rest assured that your data will never be compromised.

Better results through collaborative machine learning

Every retailer, brand and supplier collects data. But not everyone has enough data to glean meaningful insights from it, or enough know-how to turn data into actions on their own. Through our platform, retailers can choose to securely and anonymously share their data with other retailers, brands and suppliers – in full compliance with all laws and regulations. Our machine learning algorithms turn this connected data into actionable insights, enabling retailers of all sizes to data-drive their business.
We call that collaborative learning – turning shared data into smart actions.

Merchandising Decisions

Using artificial intelligence, the aifora platform forecasts consumer demand per article, location and sales channel. Based on the predicted demand, and taking into account your configured strategies and business rules, the aifora platform automates your merchandising decisions. Our machine learning algorithms were built by retail experts and experienced data scientists – guaranteeing you the highest level of prediction quality.

Schema of the automated merchandising decisions on the aifora Platform

Track your business performance

All decisions made by the machine are displayed transparently in a web interface. Users can see what impact each aifora decision will have on central KPIs such as sales, revenues and profits, and they can choose when to accept and when to override aifora’s decisions. Once the decisions have been approved, they flow back to your ERP system. The degree of automation is up to you.

Via integrated dashboards, users have an overview of the accuracy of aifora’s predictions across all product groups, channels and countries. We believe that this transparency builds trust. And trust creates happy users and better results.

aifora dashboards on notebook

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