Meet our Superhero team

Thomas Jesewski

CEO & Co-Founder

David Krings

CTO & Co-Founder

Moritz Kuhn

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Philip Sauerland

Senior Vice President Technology

Yvonne Leguil

Chief Lifestyle Industry Strategist

Bartos Bielawski

Senior Controller

Natalie Horn

Head of DACH

Tony Zerbes

Head of DevOps

Patrick Brüns

Head of Marketing

Kathrin Schulte

Business Analyst

Andre Figueiredo

Senior Data Scientist

Anantha Murugavel

Data Engineer

Annika Ehrenreich

Junior Manager of People & Culture

David Gallus

Senior Backend Developer

Maja Janik

Customer Success Manager

Lars Schumacher

Senior Software Developer

Maximilian Brenninkmeyer

Product Owner

Monika Surmacz

Data Scientist

Lars Freier

Senior Data Engineer

Loisa Phan Duy

Loisa Phan Duy

Johanna Sander

Working Student Controlling & Back-Office

Sijan Bhandari

ML Engineer

Sven Schäfer

Project Manager / Solutions Engineer

Ilgar Bosatov

Java Backend Developer

Somnath Sikdar

Head of Data & AI

Roman Kazanovskyi

Senior Backend Developer

Dr.-Ing. Nastaran Rahmani

ML Engineer

Sang-Gyun Sin

Head of People and Culture

Jan Ropertz

Full-Stack Developer

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