Optimize your retail inventory management across sales channels

Avoid sales losses and discounts with intelligent stock transfers

Retailers are often faced with a dilemma: a slow seller in one store is a hit in another and is urgently needed there. Especially following seasonal events and campaigns as well as promotions, imbalances and product range failures lead to shortages and surpluses. This in turn results in unnecessary markdowns or unnecessary new orders.

To avoid alienating customers and to actually seize sales opportunities, the transfer of slow sellers from store to store can pay off. The calculation and analysis of possible transfers between stores is highly complex, and the complexity increases with an increasing number of stores, channels and articles. A manual calculation of all possible transfer combinations is no longer feasible and meaningful results are no longer available.

Become and adaptive retailer and thrive again with demand planning.

How we enable you to make efficient Stock-Reballancing

The powerful transfer module solves the costly dilemma by minimizing imbalances in the interaction of all channels. Self-learning algorithms  suggest the most profitable transfer options that avoid sales losses and discounts, while minimizing possible transfer costs, enabling you to make the optimal decision.

Influencing factors such as ageing, transfer and transport costs are included in the calculation, as are the distance and size of the stores, guaranteeing a high degree of forecasting accuracy in dynamic situations. The system identifies potential source and target stores for each individual article based on sales and inventory development and compares the expected benefit using what-if scenarios.

The smart consolidation of transfers at the article or store level also provides striking savings potential in logistics costs. The close integration with the replenishment and allocation modules enables the gathering of insights into inventory developments and merchandise distribution.

Benefit from stock transfers and assortment balancing

Our retail automation platform ensures that the right goods are available in the right quantity at the right time and in the right place – across all channels.

To avoid surpluses and shortages during the season, merchandise is redistributed according to current customer demand and under consideration of cost-benefit aspects. This maximizes your sales revenue, minimizes your transportation costs, and provides an optimal customer experience. It also eliminates your manual processes.

Are you ready for your retail transformation?

Key Features

Outlet/ Off Price

When calculating possible transfer options, the sales potential of an article in the outlet is also considered. After comparing possible costs and potential benefits, a proposal is provided to the user. Determining each outlet’s individual demand per article cluster takes into account not only costs and benefits, but also the available sales area per article cluster. This means that sales potential can also be increased beyond the product lifecycle after markdowns, e.g. in the outlet.

Multi-perspective Optimization

In order to break down potential silos, the analysis and management of the transfers takes place in constant interaction with the modules for markdown optimization and allocation. This gives you a transparent overview of the chances of success of your measures and enables you to make better decisions.

What-if Scenarios

In order to analyze and compare different stock transfer options and their effects, we simulate scenarios that can be evaluated using what-if analyses. For the user, this increases the transparency of the interdependencies and creates trust in the tool. The respective effects on the defined target KPIs are predicted and evaluated, whereby these scenarios offer ideal decision support for the user. The final decision is ultimately made by a person who enhances the prognosis through knowledge and experience.

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