Optimize supply with intelligent stock automation​

Struggling with out-of-stock situations
and excess inventory?

You’re not alone. Many retailers know the feeling: in one store a product is selling off like hot cakes and in another it’s sitting idle, taking up valuable shelf space.

Demand fluctuates over time, and between locations and sales channels, leaving retailers with disappointed customers and missed sales opportunities.

Whether new, seasonal or NOS, it’s vital that your merchandise is always exactly where you need it.Precise real-time forecasts are key for the accurate allocation and replenishment of merchandise.

Demand-driven stock management

aifora’s solutions for intelligent stock automation ensure that you always have the right merchandise at the right place at the right timeby optimizing the distribution of merchandise. Retailers receive accurate order proposals based on current consumer demand, inventory levels, promotions and events – taking into account individual supplier lead times as well as unique business rules and strategies. As a result, you’ll reduce lost sales from out-of-stocks and minimize waste from over-stocks.

All stock management processes on one platform


Initial supply of new and seasonal articles


Continuous supply of articles ensuring optimal stock levels


Automatic re-balancing and clearance of stock across all locations

What our clients have to say

Logo of our customer Adler

When making the shift towards digitalisation, you have to rely on strong partners. Without aifora, I don’t know how we’d ensure progress at a comparable speed and level of quality.

ADLER Modemärkte

Fast, transparent & more profitable decision-making

aifora’s powerful AI dynamically optimizes and automates the allocation, replenishment and transfer of merchandise, down to the SKU-level. This enables a level of flexibility and agility that would not be humanly possible. Via the web interface, users maintain full autonomy over the degree of automation and have full transparency over central KPIs. It’s time to let the machine do the work for you, so that you can focus on what’s really important for your business.

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We deliver real results

No matter what your business model, we guarantee you an increase in revenues and profit margins as well as a decrease in inventory through demand-driven stock optimization.




Profit Margin



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Book an appointment with a sales representative to see the aifora retail automation platform firsthand. We’ll answer all your questions and explain how our inventory management solutions can meet your needs.

aifora Platform Notebook
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