Maintain efficient inventory planning and predict order demand

Avoid shortages and surpluses

Shortages and surpluses are a real showstopper for retailers. All efforts to optimize the supply chain and the customer experience are in vain if the customer ultimately cannot buy the desired Never-out-of-stock (NOS) item because it is out of stock.

Surpluses, however, cost money. They drive up the amount of capital tied up and unneeded goods become obsolete. The causes are mostly faulty ordering processes and inefficient replenishment processes. In a nutshell: The replenishment process is not efficient and up-to-date.

It’s time to change to customer-centric inventory management.

How we enable demand-driven inventory planning

The decision as to how many articles should be ordered at what time does not have to be based on manual, error-prone calculations. With complex data analyses based on intelligent algorithms, we optimize decisions and automate processes.

Guidelines for the data analyses are order parameters that are adjusted to variable and dynamic situations in the fast-moving retail landscape. Due to the high degree of automation, you can save valuable resources. In addition to initial procurement, our solution also includes replenishment with long and short lead times as well as automatic ordering. Taking delivery quality and logistics costs into account, the software creates store and supplier orders.

Benefit from automated demand planning

Our replenishment solution enables your inventory planning to become demand-driven, preventing out-of-stock situations and improving on-shelf availability.

Intelligent retail inventory management optimizes your sales performance, making lost sales yesterday’s trouble. Automated processes reduce your operational costs and makes your retail more sustainable as your supply meets market demand. Are you ready to improve your customer experience?

Key Features


In order to adjust to emerging problems on time and to take the right countermeasures, our solution provides early and proactive warnings. The basis for this is the individual safety stock, which is determined by the system on the basis of the defined service level depending on an ABC analysis.


Which seasonal article is strong enough to be included in the NOS program? Which basics should no longer be NOS articles? Powerful performance analyses help you make decisions. To enable the user to make informed decisions, our replenishment solution generates suggestions for the NOS lifecycle and provides comprehensive performance data for each article.

Real-time Dashboard

The individually configurable dashboard ensures that all users can see the key figures at a glance. Different filter and sorting functionalities provide even more flexibility and clarity.

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