Drive demand with intelligent pricing

Fed up with Excel, gut feeling and pure intuition?

Using manual calculations and Excel spreadsheets to manage prices for tens of thousands of SKUs across sales channels and locations is an error-prone and time-consuming process. The huge number of influencing factors cannot be effectively managed.

Relying on intuition and experience is subjective and limited. In order to react quickly and flexibly to changing local market conditions you need to make decisions that are 100% objective and data-driven. 

Boost profits and maximize efficiency

aifora analyzes current customer behavior and forecasts demand per article, style or SKU. As a result, we set the optimal prices for each location and sales channel in order to enhance profit margins or inventory, depending on your objective. All pricing activities are centrally managed on one platform. 

Thus, we guarantee the highest possible level of efficiency – up to the point of full automation.

Pricing across the entire product lifecycle

Lifecycle Pricing

Calculation of optimal markdown level at the right time

Dynamic Pricing​

Realtime reaction to current market conditions

Promotion Planning​

Intelligent creation and planning of sales promotions

What our clients have to say

Abraham Tadesse - NKD

We were particularly impressed by the fact that aifora makes a transparent recommendation depending on the selected pricing strategy.


Make better decisions, faster

Our solutions automate your processes – you determine the degree of automation! In a user-friendly web interface, we transparently display the forecast quality of every calculation so that you can decide when to override the machine’s decisions. In the simulation mode, you can see the predicted impact of your actions on central KPIs. Eliminate repetitive manual tasks and guesswork, and make the move to data-driven decisions.

aifora lifecycle pricing on a notebook

We deliver real results

Price too high and you’ll alienate customers. Price too low and you’ll leave money on the table. With our AI-powered solutions for intelligent price automation you’ll get pricing just right. We promise you significant increases in sales and profits as a result. Our customers are the living proof.


Sales Growth


Profit Increase



Book a Demo

Book an appointment with a sales representative to see the aifora retail automation platform firsthand. We’ll answer all your questions and explain how our pricing solutions can meet your needs.

price automation notification center on a notebook
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