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aifora Grand Opening: a celebration of aifora’s successful launch

On November 22nd, we held our “Grand Opening” Event at the Skyloft Düsseldorf. The aim: to connect our existing with our potential clients, share the aifora vision as well as customer success stories and celebrate our successful launch. Retailers from various industries joined us for a series of inspiring speeches and the chance to network with their peers in a unique atmosphere. Find out more…

The aifora vision

The event was officially kicked off with the keynote speech of Co-Founder and CEO Thomas Jesewski. In his speech, he shared with the audience how technology has accompanied him his whole life and how the speed of technological innovation is growing exponentially. He then delved into how aifora aims to be an exponential organization, with an organizational structure and mindset that leverages assets like community, big data and algorithms in order to accelerate growth. Just 9 months after being founded, the number of clients that aifora has already won is a testament to the success of this vision.

Live Product Demo

We’re delighted to say that our first clients have all reported being happy with the look and feel of the aifora web interface. But of course, we know that there’s always room for improvement and we strongly believe in constant innovation. Thus, we’re overhauling the UI/UX of our software, with the help of our partner Projekteins. At the aifora Grand Opening Event, David Krings (Co-Founder & CTO) proudly debuted a mock-up of the new UI/UX, which features a streamlined design, more appealing visuals and improved usability. The new UI/UX, which was met with a great deal of excitement, will be released in January.

Customer Success Story: NKD

AI will change every aspect of our lives. Director of Merchandising at NKD, Abraham Tadesse, firmly believes this. In his speech, he discussed the huge impact that artificial intelligence will have and shared insights into how NKD is using already using AI to optimize its markdowns, through the implementation of the aifora Intelligent Price Automation Tool. He shared that NKD’s reason for choosing aifora’s solution over competitors’ solutions is that aifora’s solution can be integrated even with old ERP systems, that no huge investment in IT resources is necessary and that one is up-and-running in just 6 weeks.

Aifora’s Intelligent Price Automation Tool is making NKD’s markdown process significantly more efficient, and the users have been able to build up trust in the algorithm’s markdown decisions thanks to the high level of transparency provided. Of course, the implementation of such a revolutionary software also holds some key learnings, which NKD was happy to share with the other retailers. The key learnings were that users should be integrated in the change process from the very beginning and that ownership for the tool needs to be established.

Customer Success Story: Adler Modemärkte

While NKD spoke about aifora’s Intelligent Price Automation tool, Adler Modemärkte shared insights into aifora’s Intelligent Stock Automation tool. Recognizing that its allocation and replenishment processes needed to be optimized, a few months ago Adler invited diverse solutions providers to a tender for a new solution. Which solution provider ultimately fulfilled Adler’s requirements the best? aifora.

According to Daniel Henn, Head of Planning & Allocation at Adler, aifora won the tender, despite being a new player on the market, because aifora offered the most flexibility, with a solution tailored precisely to Adler’s needs and the ability to meet the tight timeline. Moreover, since aifora not only has a solution for inventory optimization, but also for pricing, Adler will be able to profit from the interplay of the two solutions in the future. Finally, Adler was won over by the fact that aifora not only provides a software solution with great functionality and an appealing UI/UX, but also provides a well-structured project management approach. When asked what aifora could do better, his answer was that he has “no complaints so far”.


Following the speeches, we ended the night with a Tapas dinner and ample time for networking. In a relaxed atmosphere, the guests had the chance to connect with one another, ask our clients about their firsthand experience working with aifora’s solutions and meet the entire aifora team. Finally, we spent the evening celebrating the huge success of aifora’s first nine months!

Thank you to everyone who attended our Grand Opening, we hope you had a great time and can’t wait to see you at our next events.

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