Pricing in 21st Century Retail: From Excel to AI

As the retail landscape faces disruption, the importance – but also the challenge – of setting the right price continues to grow. Determining the optimal prices for retail goods is no easy task to begin with. Doing so at the scale and the speed demanded in today’s dynamic market would take superhuman skills. It’s time to shift from outdated practices and highly manual processes to new technologies: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Find out in this white paper:

  • Why setting the right price is so important
  • How the changing retail market is increasing the challenge of setting the right price
  • How AI & Machine Learning can solve pricing challenges
  • The top benefits that AI can provide to retailers
  • Which criteria are critical when it comes to selecting the right pricing solution for your business

Get pricing right and retail companies gain a competitive advantage. Get pricing wrong and retailers lose opportunities to take their company to the next level of growth and profitability. Download our white paper to find out how AI-based pricing can boost your business.

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