Drive demand with intelligent price and inventory management

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Fed up with Excel, gut feeling and pure intuition?

Managing prices and inventory with manual calculations and excel spreadsheets is an error-prone and time-consuming process. The huge number of influencing factors cannot be effectively managed. Relying on intuition and experience is subjective and limited. It’s time to make decisions that are 100% objective and data-driven.

The art of retail and science

Our machine learning algorithms predict customer behavior, considering all possible influencing factors – from the weather and seasonal events to competitor prices to location and placement. The aifora retail automation platform uses precise demand forecasts to optimize pricing and inventory across sales channels. With an international top-notch data science team and impulses from renowned research centers, we continue to develop our algorithms to provide more accurate predictions by the day.

Drive demand with intelligent pricing

In order to react quickly and flexibly to changing local market conditions, we analyze current customer behavior and forecast demand per article, option or SKU. As a result, we set the optimal prices for each location in order to enhance sales, margins or sales ratio, depending on your objective. All pricing activities are centrally managed on one platform. Thus, we guarantee the highest possible level of efficiency – up to the point of full automation.

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Avoid out-of-stock situations as well as excess inventory

Our solutions for intelligent stock automation make sure that you always have the right merchandise at the right place at the right time, so that customers are never left standing in front of empty shelves and you never miss a sales opportunity.

At the same time, our solutions reduce excess inventory by optimizing allocation and replenishment according to accurate demand forecasts across all sales channels and locations.

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Faster, transparent and more profitable decision-making

Our solutions automate your processes – you determine the degree of automation! In a user-friendly web interface, we transparently display the forecast quality of every calculation so that you can decide when to override the machine’s decisions. In the simulation mode, you can see the predicted impact of your actions on central KPIs. Let the machine do the work and focus on what’s really important for your business.

We promise you real results

Each individual solution has an impact on your performance. Based on your retail business and selected plan, we define your growth potential.

3-6 %
sales growth

2-8 %
profit increase

inventory reduction

Achieve better results through collaborative learning

The more data the better the results. It’s as simple as that. While the large online players are already pros at collecting and analyzing data, many traditional retailers are not.

aifora offers a platform for retailers to anonymously and securely share their data with their peers, thereby enabling our machine learning algorithms to make even more accurate predictions of future consumer demand.

Of course, there’s nothing to worry about here: our data-sharing platform is based on an opt-in approach and is strictly compliant with all legal and privacy policies. All pricing and inventory management decisions made by the machine are still tailored to your individual strategies and business rules. We call that collaborative learning – turning shared data into smart actions.

Connect to our retail automation platform

Endless IT implementation projects? Substantial budget overruns? Not here. Our cloud-based solutions are quick and easy to implement with minimal IT effort.

Your data can be integrated in any form and from any back-end system. Our algorithms then use your input and our additional data sources to make optimal price and inventory decisions for you. The results can be reintegrated directly into your internal systems. Benefit from optimized decision-making, no matter what your IT landscape looks like.

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