Someone else’s computer: Is cloud computing secure?

We see many retail experts who are afraid of “the cloud”. But in the end, it’s just someone else’s computer. In order to process big amounts of information, we need a well-performing computer system that is robust and resilient.

NRW Bank

NRW.BANK invests in Start-up aifora

On May 5, 2020, the NRW Bank will become an investor in the Düsseldorf-based start-up aifora. Capnamic Ventures, an investor in aifora since 2018, has also increased its investment in the young company. The total investment is in the 7-digit range.

Adler Modemärkte

Adler Case Study

To remain competitive in the dynamic retail market, ADLER launched its “Strategy 2020”. At the core of this strategy: customer-centricity powered by a data-driven business model. One crucial element of this approach is to continuously offer the right merchandise in the right quantity in the right place, at the right time.

Reno Store

Reno Case Study

The market that Reno operates in has changed dramatically over recent years and become increasingly dynamic. Like many other retailers, Reno lacked the necessary tools to manage its complex operative processes, as it still relied on outdated systems and processes.

NKD Case Study

NKD was faced with the challenge of optimizing markdowns across multiple sales channels and countries – for thousands of SKUs. As the markdown process typically requires a high level of manual effort and involves a plethora of data, NKD recognized the need for an automated solution based on accurate demand forecasts.

Corona Virus

How “non-essential” retailers are combatting the Coronavirus

Retail is in a new state of disruption. The culprit: COVID-19. As “non-essential” retailers across Europe and North America have been ordered to close their doors to the public, many fear for their existence. Here are some examples of retailers who have temporarily pivoted their business to help combat the crisis.

Escaping the retail apocalypse

The “for-rent signs” are lined up one after the other – more and more commercial spaces are vacant. Of course, there are still open shops, but they also have signs: the merchandise displays are plastered with sales and discount signs seemingly all year round.

Why artificial intelligence is an opportunity

The reactions are different when we encounter AI in our everyday lives – because we cannot simply reload the game or switch off the computer. AI knows what users want to buy before they have realized it themselves, and thus delivers tailored advertisements via Facebook & Co. Furthermore, product prices are adjusted in real time and our job landscape has changed. A frequent consequence: fear and insecurity.

Capnamic Logo

aifora: 3 million euros for the retail revolution

The early-stage investor Capnamic ( is investing three million euros in the merchandising optimisation platform aifora ( The financing is primarily intended for the further development of aifora’s product and technology, as well as for expansion into new markets

aifora gründer Thomas & David

aifora: The future of retailing is intelligent

The data-sharing and AI platform of the software company aifora is enabling retailers to compete with the large online players. Through intelligent price and inventory management, retail companies can significantly increase their sales, turnover and profits and simultaneously reduce inventories.

aifora Grand Opening

aifora Grand Opening: a celebration of aifora’s successful launch

On November 22nd, we held our “Grand Opening” Event at the Skyloft Düsseldorf. The aim: to connect our existing with our potential clients, share the aifora vision as well as customer success stories and celebrate our successful launch. Retailers from various industries joined us for a series of inspiring speeches and the chance to network …

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Improving sizing and fitting through digitalization

Improving sizing and fitting through digitalization

Digitalization projects not only concern customer experience or touchpoint-related activities, but also offer far-reaching possibilities to improve sizing and fitting. Sizing has always been a key topic in the apparel and shoe industry and can create satisfied and recurring customers through a positive shopping experience. Everyone in the industry is aware of the customer’s desire …

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Artificial intelligence in fashion design

Artificial intelligence in fashion design – real creativity or creative catalyst?

A dystopian vision that sounds more like science fiction than reality is that artificial intelligence systems will surpass the intellect of mankind in all its manifestations in the future – thereby making the human unnecessary. In fact, artificial intelligence is already superior to human beings in certain areas: AI systems are successfully used in case …

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Der Preis ist heiß

The price is right

You’ve probably already noticed that prices for online products fluctuate considerably. Amazon alone has an estimated 2.5 to 3 million price changes, every single day! Dynamic price management has been causing a stir for quite some time, and is currently one of the hottest topics in retail: while long since a daily occurrence in online …

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