The New Pricing Normal​

How Dynamic Pricing Breaks the Profitability Ceiling in Online & Offline Retail ​

Dynamic pricing is nothing new.  As technology advances, dynamic pricing has become not just feasible, but also profitable, for more and more players, including brick-and-mortar retailers. Of course, implementing dynamic pricing does not come without challenges, one of these being the need to gain and maintain consumer trust.

In this E-book you’ll discover:

  • What dynamic pricing is
  • Real-world examples of dynamic pricing
  • The top benefits of dynamic pricing
  • How to implement dynamic pricing
  • How to overcome the hurdles to dynamic pricing adoption
  • The key criteria to selecting the right dynamic pricing solution

For most retailers and most product categories, it’s no longer a question of whether dynamic pricing is necessary or not. It’s a question of how expediently, strategically and efficiently retailers are able to apply dynamic pricing. Download our E-book to find out how you can profit from AI-based dynamic pricing.

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Enhancing pricing by 1% can get retailers a 6% profit boost. 

– McKinsey (2019)