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Navigating unprecedented times together

COVID-19 is putting retail to the test. Stores have been shut down, supply chains have been disrupted and consumer sentiment is wavering. No one can be certain how long the pandemic will last or how severe its consequences will be. But one thing is clear: Retail as we know it will have to change. To come out of the crisis, merchandising will require a new level of agility, accuracy and transparency. We’re here to help.

Retail fights back

It is, and always has been, aifora’s mission to preserve diversity in retail by giving retailers the tools they need to be at eye level with Amazon & Co. We do not take this task lightly. As your partner, we will do everything in our power to not only help you survive the current crisis, but to come out stronger than before. With our advanced predictive analytics capabilities and AI-powered solutions, we’ll empower you to fight back.

aifora COVID-19 Simulation Dashboards

How aifora supports you

By including the “Corona Effect” in our models and demand forecasts, we deliver accurate predictions even in these uncertain times. Using simulations to test different scenarios and strategies, we enable retailers to make well-founded pricing and inventory management decisions. As shut-downs ease and regulations are adapted, our machine learning algorithms automatically adapt to market changes. Via dashboards that are updated in real-time, retailers achieve full transparency over their business performance. Throughout it all, a personal Customer Success Manager will be by your side.

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