Cross-Channel Inventory Management for a Fashion Retailer

Key Facts

  • Clothing retailer for the target group 50+
  • 175 branches in Germany, Austria, Switzerland & Luxembourg
  • €526 mn. revenues

Business Challenge

  • The current merchandise management process was error-prone and required a high manual effort
  • The use of RFID has significantly improved the transparency of inventory management, but there was a lack of control instruments to fully exploit this potential

aifora Solution

  • Development of a SaaS solution for Replenishment & Allocation tailored to ADLER’s specific needs
  • Dynamic management at SKU level
  • A Customer Success Manager who ensures the successful use of the solution


  • Early detection of incipient shortages & surpluses through dynamic demand forecasts
  • Securing the availability of goods while simultaneously reducing stock levels
  • More balanced revenue/stock ratio
  • High degree of automation and efficient exception managment

“If we weren’t working together with aifora, I don’t know how we’d ensure progress at a comparable speed and level of quality.”

Thomas Rothe
Head of Buying & Supply Chain Management
Adler Modemärkte

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