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What we do

We enable retailers and brands to optimize their prices and inventories across all channels and automate the underlying processes. Using artificial intelligence, the aifora platform forecasts consumer demand per article, location and channel in order to make optimal merchandising decisions. This results in significantly higher efficiency and profitability. Our SaaS solutions are quick and easy to integrate, individually configurable and deliver a positive ROI within a very short time.

Our Management

Thomas Jesewski Gründer CEO
Thomas Jesewski

Ceo and Co-Founder

David Krings founder and CTO
David Krings

Cto and Co-Founder

Felix Finger
Felix Finger


Dion Broeken CRO
Dion Broeken


What drives us


We aim to disrupt and we never stop. We’re always striving for better, faster, more user-friendly solutions. We love coming up with new ideas, testing the latest technologies and staying one step ahead of the rest.


Our customers are our top priority. We stop at nothing to help them optimize their business. As their needs change, we flexibly adapt our solutions based on their feedback, making sure that every retailer can reach their full potential.


As a business we are aware of our responsibility. We support positive change both by developing solutions that promote sustainability in retail and by actively engaging in sustainable business practices ourselves.

A success story that is transforming the retail industry

aifora was founded in February 2018 with the vision of connecting retailers to jointly counterbalance the increasing supremacy of the leading online players. The idea was born out of a successful cooperation between Thomas Jesewski and David Krings – two ambitious entrepreneurs in the fields of retail consulting and data science. 

As they recognized the ongoing struggle retailers face to survive, the two aifora founders set out to change the future of retail with powerful AI-driven solutions.

Today, we are a growing team of retail, IT and data science experts with a passion for solving complex problems and providing outstanding service to our clients. Our team is diverse and unconventional, but we are united by one common mission and the aifora spirit. Together we have proven that we can enable retailers to significantly optimize their business.
With aifora, retailers are back at eye level with Amazon & Co. through collaborative learning, AI and outstanding solutions.
Thomas Jesewski Gründer CEO

We enable retailers to realize their full potential with our data sharing and AI platform. We understand the needs of the retail industry well, because aifora originally came from the industry itself and developed the platform with many years of retail experience in mind.

Thomas Jesewski

Ceo and Co-Founder , aifora

Retailers are often too busy managing basic processes such as inventory management and pricing. We want to optimize and automate precisely these processes so that retailers can concentrate on the essentials, namely the customer experience. Retailers already have a vast amount of data. The challenge is to analyze this data and draw the right insights to optimally manage prices and inventory. 

David Krings

Cto and Co-Founder , aifora

David Krings

Our Investors

“Big online pure players have greatly changed the demands of customers – everything has to be available quickly, everywhere and at the best price. aifora gives retailers a powerful tool to satisfy these expectations quickly and easily.”

– Jörg Binnenbrücker, Managing Partner at Capnamic Ventures

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