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Boost sales and margins with collaborative machine learning

Collaborate. Predict. Automate.

Are you lost in a sea of data? Do you struggle with unreliable sales predictions? What if we told you there was a single platform that would empower you to predict and drive actual demand?

The aifora retail automation platform gives you the power to know how much your customers will buy, when, where and at what price. Based on collaborative machine learning and artificial intelligence we use this information to drive pricing and supply chain automation for your B2C retail business.

Shops are closing by the thousands

The “Amazon effect” continues to disrupt the retail market, devastating both online and physical stores. What does that mean for you?

It’s time to become an adaptive retailer. Digital marketplaces and e-commerce businesses have the necessary resources, know-how and innovative strength to develop highly scalable IT structures and powerful business applications. They collect data on everything they do and turn this data into actionable insights, giving them the power to continuously optimize their business and automate their processes.

Meanwhile, traditional retailers are struggling to anticipate and fulfill customer expectations, as they still rely on outdated tools and methodologies. Are you ready to data-drive your business and fight the Amazon effect?

Join our retail automation platform

We provide a variety of AI-based solutions for both pricing and inventory management, enabling you to comprehensively optimize your merchandise management and automate all underlying processes.

Transform shared data into powerful insights

Collaborate with other retailers and benefit from more accurate predictions

Every retailer collects data. But not every retailer has enough data to glean meaningful insights from it, or enough know-how to turn data into actions on their own.

Through our platform retailers can choose to securely and anonymously share their data with one another – absolutely compliant with all laws and regulations. Our machine learning algorithms turn this connected data into actionable insights, enabling retailers of all sizes to data-drive their business. It’s time to fully leverage the power of your data, no matter how large or small your retail business is.

Get your performance back on track

Become Customer-Centric

Offer products at the right price, in the right quantity, in the right place, at the right time.

Eradicate Competition

Digital change is here – say goodbye to your old business model and make data-driven decisions like a boss.

Maximize Efficiency

Eliminate repetitive and transactional activities – focus on what really matters.

Accelerate Growth

Get your retail business back on track and maximize your revenues and profits.

Reduce Inventory

Excess inventory represents a loss of profit. Only supply what your customers are actually demanding.

Get 10x ROI fast

You got nothing to lose here. Our promise: for every dollar you give us, our platform will tenfold it.

Are you ready to become an adaptive retailer?

Why aifora?

Fast Implementation

aifora fast implementation

No endless projects. Quickly up and running with minimal IT effort.

Maximum Transparency


Always know what decisions
the machine makes and why.

Start Small, Think Big

customer success manager

See where one module takes you, expand as you go to reach your full potential.

Full Flexibility


Individual configuration of strategies, workflows and business rules.

Trust our customers

''Without aifora, I don’t know how we’d ensure progress at a comparable speed and level of quality."
Thomas Rothe NKD
Thomas Rothe
Head of Buying at ADLER Modemärkte
''The Markdown Optimization was implemented in only 4 weeks, including the integration with our SAP systems."
Felix Finger
Felix Finger
Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Hamm-Reno Group
"The aifora team is proactive, super flexible and completely responsive to our wishes, which makes everything very easy for me!"
Navabi Natalie
Natalie Grace Malay
Senior Merchandise Plannner at navabi
''We were particularly impressed by the fact that aifora makes a transparent recommendation depending on the selected pricing strategy."
Abraham Tadesse NKD
Abraham Tadesse
Director Merchandise Planning & Controlling at NKD
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